About HeartLink  

If you feel like you're just going through the motions, or sinking in sadness, anxiety, or stress -

If your relationships are tense, distant, or non-existent -

If you're struggling to find hope that life can feel good again, and love can be connected and safe -

HeartLink Counseling can help.

At HeartLink, we don't see people as damaged or couples and families as incompatible. Instead, we help you get unstuck.

We believe in your ability to cultivate presence, build connection, offer compassion to yourself and others, and experience joy.

Most importantly, therapy at HeartLink is safe. You enter into a caring, judgment free space that honors diverse experiences.

We're ready to collaborate with you toward creating the life you seek.

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HeartLink Counseling: helping people love and feel loved

Nothing can be more distressing than when our marriage or family has become a constant source of conflict and loneliness rather than the safe haven we anticipated enjoying for a lifetime. Or when we seem to have lost our own "true North" - the internal compass that can lead us to clarity, confidence, hope and peace.

We all long to be seen and loved for who we really are, and need to know we can count on ourselves and others through the ups and downs of life.

HeartLink's Founder, Amanda Carver, is a Certified Emotionally Focused (EFT) Therapist, who assists couples and individuals in navigating difficult moments of conflict or disconnection in relationship with self and others. Whether hurting from a betrayal or struggling with communication, HeartLink therapists guide couples and families through new experiences of connection to a place where healing is possible and each person is seen and felt. In times of difficult change or when processing older wounds, HeartLink supports individuals in tapping inner wisdom to generate compassion, presence, joy, and connection.

Our passion is helping people love and feel loved. None of us are broken - sometimes we're just stuck and need a caring guide. We welcome you to contact us with any questions about how we can assist you toward creating a meaningful and love-filled life.

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