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About HeartLink  

If you feel like you're just going through the motions, or sinking in sadness and stress -

If your relationships are tense, distant, or non-existent -

If you're struggling to find hope that life can feel good again, and love can be connected and safe -

HeartLink Counseling can help.

At HeartLink, we don't see people as damaged or couples and families as incompatible. Instead, we help you get unstuck.

We believe in your ability to cultivate presence, build connection, offer compassion to yourself and others, and experience joy.

Most importantly, therapy at HeartLink is safe. You enter into a caring, judgment free space that honors diverse experiences.

We're ready to collaborate with you toward creating the life you seek.

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We all long to be seen and loved for who we really are.
And we all deserve to experience our lives as meaningful and fulfilling.

HeartLink therapists know if it was enough to read a good self-help book to get unstuck, you would have done that long ago. Information and insight are powerful. Yet as creatures of mind, heart, and body, we need more than knowledge to heal old wounds and create meaningful change. Humans also need personal connection - a safe witness and guide who can support us in practicing how to show up in our relationships and lives differently.

At HeartLink we're serious about helping you not only figure out what is keeping you stuck, but also about helping you practice such that make meaningful change possible. Therapy with us includes being brought out on the playing field of your own life in session where you learn how to slow down the old ways and show up in new, connected, and meaningful ones.

We're not here to sell you on a "perfect" life. We're here to help you slow down, find peace, and risk sharing your truth to enjoy the complicated but truly beautiful life that's possible.

We welcome you to contact us with any questions about how we can assist you toward creating a meaningful and love-filled life.

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What HeartLink Clients are saying about Virtual Therapy

When the pandemic rolled in, all HeartLink clients went virtual. Since then, we've engaged with new clients who have only ever had a virtual experience with us. Virtual therapy has been so successful in providing deeply intimate and connecting therapy, our clients are now requesting to remain virtual due to safety and convenience. We are excited to provide virtual therapy as an ongoing service to anyone in the state of Georgia.