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Rates & Insurance

More information about HeartLink Counseling’s practice policies is provided in a detailed description of Consent for Treatment which you will review during your first session. You are also welcome to contact us if you have additional questions.

Do you accept insurance?

If your health insurance includes mental health benefits, it may cover all or a portion of your individual treatment with a HeartLink therapist. HeartLink is currently out of network for all insurance companies. If you would like to use your out-of-network benefits, you will pay in full at the time of your appointment and we will provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit claims for insurance reimbursement upon your request. Please note we do not interface directly with your insurance company to submit paperwork or answer questions your company may have.

As insurance companies reimburse at their discretion, you may want to contact your insurance company to determine your out-of-network benefits prior to making an appointment, and consider the following questions:

  • Do I have mental health benefits?
  • Will those benefits pay for work with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
  • Is primary care physician approval required?

Please note, in weighing the costs and benefits of utilizing health insurance for mental health services, a number of people choose not to use their health insurance due to high deductibles, limits on number of sessions, or health insurance requirements for mental health diagnosis. 

How much do you charge?

Each HeartLink therapist sets their own fees based on training and experience. We all provide sliding scale as available. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about services or pricing.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Fees are payable by credit card (including HSA) at the time that services are rendered. Credit card payments are processed through a HIPAA-compliant system for therapists.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact your therapist at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or do not show up to your scheduled appointment, you will be charged your full session fee.

How long are sessions?

Typical individual and couples sessions last from 50-55 minutes. We also offer 80-90 minute sessions as indicated or requested.