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Individual Therapy

  • Trying to gain clarity about who you are and what you want in life?
  • Exhausted by the roller coaster of your moods, or struggling to tap into a grounded sense of self?
  • Unsure if you want to remain in your marriage or partnership? Or how to move forward after relationship loss?
  • Frustrated by dating, such as patterns of attraction to unavailable people or worries about if someone will leave once they know the “real” you?

We all experience times when it feels like we’re going through the motions of life rather than really living and connecting. We find ourselves stuck in frustrating and painful emotions or self-defeating patterns that maintain our status quo and want to know if there is a way through to a different side.


  • Navigating Dating & Relationships
  • Healing from Break Up & Divorce
  • Difficult Decisions & Life Transitions
  • Codependence & Attachment Trauma
  • Hormone-Related Women's Issues / PMDD
  • Improved Coping and Groundedness

At HeartLink we know if it was enough to talk to a good friend or read a self-help book to get unstuck, you would have done that long ago. Information and insight are powerful. Yet as creatures of not just mind, but also heart and body, we need more than knowledge to heal old wounds and create meaningful change. Humans also need safe embodiment and personal connection – a grounded sense of oneself and the support of a caring witness and guide. 

We personally understand the complexity of modern life, including partnership, parenthood, career, health, and the ever-present curve balls we never planned to have thrown our way. We also trust human yearning for connection and meaning that can be harnessed into both greater peace with what is and motivation to make changes that may serve us better. HeartLink therapists draw on extensive training in humanism, attachment, and body-based healing to assist our clients with gaining clarity about who they are, where they want to go, and most importantly, how they want to be on their daily and lifelong journeys.